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Concept layout

This winter we’re making updates and additions to Devilstone’s Main House.

New for 2022 – 14 To 16 Guests Can Comfortably stay at Devilstone’s Main House

We’ve reconfigured the rooms on the second floor to make space for a large, and pretty fun, bunk bed room. My seven-year-old has also been keen to add some pirate-type of touches.

We’ve also added a queen bedroom on the ground floor. This brings the total bedrooms from 3 to 5, and a great place to gather with friends and family as you watch the lobster boats pass by.

SSummer dawn at Devilstone.
Summer dawn at Devilstone.


for 2025 – 20+ Guests Can Comfortably stay at Devilstone’s Main House

Taking a historic house from just over 3500 sq ft to over 5000 sq ft is no small task. We’ll focus on details that are in keeping with the 1920’s era of the structure along with taking into account modern comforts we enjoy to make this a unique destination.

View from the third floor. With the peaked roofs and vaulted ceilings, we’re pretty excited about the interior space too.

Guests will have 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a large living room with hardwood floors, a gorgeous kitchen that opens on to the wrap around deck with views of Frenchman Bay and use of the estate’s upper garden. All just steps from the water, downtown Bar Harbor, and Acadia National Park.

Antique bath tap detail at Devilstone Cottage
Antique bath tap detail at Devilstone Cottage

The bathrooms on the second floor feature the original fixtures to the house. We’ll be using this design aesthetic to inform the interior of the third floor.